Dasher Courier

Our Services

We offer a full range of vehicles to handle your every move including bicycles, cars, vans and small trucks. We have the equipment, technology and service flexibility to manage all your courier needs at rates that allow you to stay competitive.

On Demand

On DemandFor pick-ups or deliveries required on an as needed basis with varying time frames for completion. Call us at (204) 632-5000 or book online. Our advanced technology and experienced team ensures your delivery requirements are met with the utmost of efficiency. Our "Regular", "Rush" and "Direct" service levels are designed to accommodate your time-sensitive requirements as you need them. In addition to our services within the city, we offer same day services to many destinations outside of the city limits to accommodate all your needs.

Services times can be affected by certain factors such as weather, heavy traffic, construction, etc. We will notify you and do our best to ensure our service commitments are met and/or exceeded.

Scheduled Service

Scheduled Service

If you have shipments that occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – or shipments that require a set time for pickup and/or delivery, we can help. Our scheduled service gives you total control over the sending and receiving of items without the added stress of managing each delivery while improving inter-office productivity with our recurring delivery service.

We can customize the level of service to meet your repetitive courier needs. Just let us know the when and the where and we will take care of the rest.

Dedicated/Contract Fleet Services

Dedicated FleetMany companies with significant transportation requirements require branded equipment for their delivery needs. Do you currently handle those tasks in-house, but want to concentrate on your core competency? This solution allows our customers to do what they do best and to take advantage of our years of expertise. Together, we analyze your needs, identify routing or scheduling efficiencies and determine the dedicated resources you require. That management responsibility is handled by or experts and leaves you worry free.